Easy Ways to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

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Easy Ways to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

Bringing nature inspired pieces into the home is so easy this time of year. With Easter just around the corner, lets add some eggs.

Decorating Easter eggs using natural elements will result in a boost of brilliant color, it creates a earthy accent in your tablescape, and adds the unexpected.

No matter if you have kids or not, this is such a fun project. Here are some great ideas, dye recipes, and resources.

Natural Dye Recipes

Using natural elements to create dyes goes back  to ancient times.  Elizabeth Stark at Babble shares great recipes for making these dyes. Recipes here.

Onion Skins

Don't throw away those onion skins and snagged nylons.  At Natasha's Kitchen she shares an amazing technique for dying and designing eggs with onion skins. Technique found here.

Leaf Imprints

Making a nature imprint is great fun to do with kids.  Marcia Westcott Peck explains in her article that you begin by collecting plant leaves from the garden.

Then you press them up against the hard-boiled or blown-out eggs, wrapped them with pieces of old nylon stockings to keep them in place. Finally dip the wrapped eggs into the homemade dyes.  The exciting part is when you unwrap the eggs after they are done, to reveal such unique designed eggs. Read more.

Flower Power

Just like with the leaves, Field Notes from Fatherhood wrapped flowers around the eggs before the dying process. See how they did it here.

 Before you begin these projects decide if you want to use hard boiled eggs, which will be used later in a recipe, or keep the eggs longer by blowing them out.

Have fun and check our Pinterest Springtime board for more great ideas. 

*Sources for this article are linked with the photos and information.


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