For The Birds - 20% Off Bird Feeders

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For The Birds - 20% Off Bird Feeders

Bird feeders attract birds and improve your garden design in many ways. They add excitement and fun to aesthetic appeal of your yard landscaping and turn gardens into a paradise.

We are excited to carry the incredible Desert Steel Bird Feeders which attract both hungry birds and admiring glances.

Each piece begins as a flat sheet of steel. It is then cut, folded and welded together to create a beautiful piece of art. The designer wants to realistically represent some of nature’s most beloved icons with unparalleled creative detail and lasting durability to enjoy no matter where you live. 

From May 23rd - May 29th receive 20% off

Desert Steel Bird Feeders

At check out Use Code: BIRD20

Bird Feeder Tips:

  • A water source close to the bird feeder attracts birds for bathing and sipping. The light spray of a hose will bring them flitting to this water source. Birds love the sound and look of the water.
  • By keeping bird feeders filled with seeds or suet you will attract birds to your garden. They will return to the same feeders if they are rewarded with food. Using the appropriate bird feeder designs increases your chances to become their favorite place to visit.
  • Bird feeders require maintenance. Clean and filled up with seeds, they make gorgeous yard decorations and add functional elements to backyard designs. Clean your bird feeders twice a month and fill them up with food for birds.

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